Party Poker made easy!

Mouse wheel

Any bet can be altered by scrolling up or down the the mouse wheel or using the 'up down keys'. There is a  number of options to choose from. For information regarding the 'hybrid mix' setting, see the help in the GUI.

Preset Bets

The main choice is whether you are going to have bets preset straight into the bet box so that's where we'll start. By preset, I mean that Party EzCASH will automatically put a bet into the betting area  and you decide if you want that amount - you can of course alter it if you wish. The amount on the 'Bet Raise' button will reflect the amount that's in the bet box.

!!! Important note regarding Preset Bets

You have to get Party Poker setup correctly for Preset Bets to work - you'll find those details for Party EzCASH on the Setting Up page or for EzCASH Lite check out the EzCASH Lite Setup guide.

Start by enabling Preset Bets in the Behavior Menu / Bet Box and then open the Preset Bets Panel to start configuring your settings.

Party EzCASH has a set of default settings that will suit most players - you may find the best way to proceed is to just enable Preset Bets, have a session and then make your adjustments.

To configure Preset Bets, press the button circled above.

You can play tourneys and cash games at the same time with a different format - if you want to do this open the 'tournament bets TAB'  and check tournament bets, if not, leave it unticked and you will get the amounts in the 'Standard Preset Bets' for both tourney and cash games.

Tourney Bets

The preflop raise is dependent on the blind level, take a look at the photo below - in this example, up to blind level 40, the preflop raise would be 3.5 x the Big Blind plus one Big Blind for every limper. Above level 40 and below level 60 the raise is 3 x and 2.5 x beyond 60.

On the flop turn and river you would get a bet of 70, 60 and 50 percent respectively.

Standard Preset Bets

A pot percentage or xBB plus limpers format can be used preflop - however you can configure many variations to this theme from the blinds, button and cutoff or when 3 betting.

Note that the 20BB min settings need only be applied if you play a mixture of normal and 20BB tables - if you exclusively play 20BB tables, you can set up the whole program that way and leave this off.

Button, cuttoff and 3 bets

Betting TAB/Button, cutoff raises and 3 bets

Press the 'set directory paths' button on the GUI and enter your PartyGaming (or skin) path.

You will need to enable Party Poker to write your hand histories to the hard drive to get the button/cutoff/3bet options working.

To set Party Poker up, open the lobby and go to the TAB in the picture above. For best performance, set Party to delete your Hand Histories after one day.

Simple Street Bet Hotkeys

If you prefer a straight forward set of street keys, you can access those on the betting TAB. A default set of percentages are set in the GUI that you can choose from, or just edit the numbers to change.

Multi - Purpose Street Bet Hotkey

If you don't like Preset Bets, you might like to use this key. It's very versatile and allows more than one option from the same key.

Many people like to use RButton or right click as their main hotkey, this key is great for that purpose although it will of course work on any key. With this key you can do a variety of things-

- press the advance fold tick box on the Party table if that is showing.
- Bet with different formats for tourneys and cash games (described in Preset Bets section above).
- raise preflop with all of the additional options that Preset Bets has.

Setting this tab up is the same as the Preset Bets which is also described in detail above for Preset Bets so follow those instructions.

There are also double clicking options that are very handy. With a double click you can min raise, move all in, clear the bet box or make a percentage pot bet. If you don't want this functionality simply disable it.

The advance fold option is particularly useful if you stack tables, that way you have a totally safe way to fold hands without any danger of a lower table popping up just as you fold.

Increasing street bet size from the blinds

Bets from the blinds can be larger in limped pots - these sttings apply to all street bet keys, preset bets and the multi-purpose hotkey.

Additional Betting Keys

Sometimes you might like a key that simply bets a pot percentage or a fixed amount. We tend to think in terms of 'money value' in certain circumstances, for example, 'I want to bet $7'. Perhaps you could set the Number Keys or the Number Pad Keys to the exact money amount i.e. the number key ‘5’ bet 50 cents or $5 or $50. Another simple example happens when the pot is a very rounded amount, for example, when the pot is $100, you might think 'I'm going to bet $70. Obviously a 70% key is very easy to refer to in this type of situation and in this example you could set the '7' key  to 70% or maybe hold down 7 and press 0 ( this type of key setting is entered as 7 & 10 into Party EzCASH  - for further instructions see the auto hotkey website ).

The three main Party Poker buttons on the table are used for many different purposes. Take the Fold button for example, at different times that same button is used for Join Waitlist, Leave Waitlist, Posting and many other uses. By activating the 'Additional Actions' alongside each of the three keys in the Action Key area, you will enable the hotkey to work on ANY of the options for that button. If you leave them unchecked, the buttons will be restricted to Fold, Check or Call and Bet or Raise. In the picture, you'll see an example where the same button is used for Fold and Join Waitlist.

A few of the other Action hotkeys need a little explaining. The Check, Fold adv, check or fold key is a good example. This key looks for what buttons are currently visible and chooses the best possible option for you without putting money into the Pot. In order of preference, if advance check is visible, that is ticked, if only advance fold is visible then that will be ticked, the same applies for the normal check and fold buttons. The Call BB, Check advance, check fold action key works on the same principal. The Fold, Check/Call, Bet Raise buttons refer to the main three Party Poker buttons (You can use the fold key to Join and Leave the waitlist etc as well if you want to save setting an additional key for that).