Party Poker made easy!

Classic Layout Table Mods

These mods are for the 'Classic theme' and are suitable for Party and Empire.

A preview image of each theme is below. Click the image to download

Your Directory -

Your directory is the place where you installed the Poker Site onto your PC - the default is generally c/Programs or c/Program Files. For Party, your directory is called PartyGaming and for Empire it is called EmpirePokerMaster.

Installing the download -

Each download contains two folders -Images (1) and Images (2). The images from each folder go in a different folder in your Poker Sites directory.

The contents of Images (1) goes in -


The contents of Images (2) goes in -

Once installed, to activate on Party Poker, go to the lobby and select 'Classic theme' at -

Party Lobby / Preferences / Table style.

The classic theme is the only theme on Empire Poker and does not need to be selected in the lobby.

Turn off player characters in the Party lobby -