Party Poker made easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When I enter my account name it says I am not registered.

A - You must be running a version of Party EzCASH that does not have your account name inside - did you download before you received an email from support? Try going to the download page again, refresh your browser, delete the file you previously installed and then download and install again.

Q - Everything works for me except the Preset Bets, Street Bets and Tournament Bets.

A - You need to change your chat setting in the Party Software to show 'Dealer Actions'. You will find this near the Chat Box on any table.(See the 'Setting Up' page for illustrations). Note that is still ok to hide the chat boxes with EzCASH. The chat setting on the Modern Layout is located on the chat box and is marked i - it's located next to the smiley face in the bottom right corner. If you are playing on the 'Modern Layout' you also need to disable 'Mini Blackjack' in Party Preferences.

Q - The street bets were working fine, now they have stopped!!

A - Did Party Poker recently have an update? Often when they update, the chat setting is lost, make sure it's still on Dealer Actions. The chat setting on the Modern Layout is located on the chat box and is marked i - it's located next to the smiley face in the bottom right corner.

Q - Sometimes I am getting a 0 in the box when I bet!!

A - If you are playing at low stakes you may have to adjust the bet rounding (Betting TAB). To combat this problem you can round in big or small blinds, or for mixed rounding select  'Start rounding when greater than' and try $1.

Q - I have Windows 7 or Windows Vista and am having problems!
Q - As soon as I start Holdem Manager's Table Manager my Hotkeys don't work.

A -Try running the program as an Administrator -

Turn off UAC (user access control) in the control panel/user accounts area.
Go to the Party EzCASH folder (default location c\Program Files)
Right click the PartEzCASH.exe icon and choose 'Properties'.
Go to the Compatibility Tab and select 'Run this program as an administrator'.
Repeat for EZCASHPlanner.exe

Q - Nothing is working at all, however Party EzCASH is open.

A - Is your Party client in English? You need English, but your local Windows regional settings can be your own.

Q - My HUD will not come up above the urgent table?

A - In the 'behavior menu' try disabling 'activated tables always on top'.

Q - I downloaded the program and installed it, I have an Icon on my desktop, where is the program?

A - The default folder is C:\Program Files\Party EzCASH

Q - I get warnings from my anti-virus Software, how do I stop this.

A - A lot of Poker Software has this problem. Your anti-virus is programmed to be suspicious of any screen reading activity. These programs of course look for controls on the Poker table and the Pot and Bet amounts. Your anti-virus will have a section called something like 'trusted software' for this purpose - add PartyEzCASH.exe and  EzCASHPlanner.exe to this section. If the problem persists let me know and also report the problem to your anti-virus vendor as a false positive (usually easy to do inside your anti-virus program). They will test the program and fix the problem when they detect that the Software is not dangerous. For your own peace of mind you can test PartyEzCASH.exe and  EzCASHPlanner.exe with the Jotti Malware Test  - it  tests any EXE using an online scanner comprized of most of the well known anti-virus programs all in one simple scan - just 'Browse' to the file and then press 'Submit File' on the scanner.

Q - Can I use a GamePad  with Party EzCASH ?

A - Yes, the hotkeys work directly from the 'Joy' keynames - i.e. Joy1 Joy2 etc. You can use JoyToKey (free) to bind the cursor movement although Party EzCASH has an inbuilt auto cursor mover.

Q - Why is there two icons in the tray?

A - The betting, window handling, blind posting etc works in one exe and the table planner, highlighter and stacker work from the other - the second exe gets it's settings from the main GUI so there is no setting up required.

Q - Can I use table mods with EzCASH?

A - Yes, this causes no problems. There are free mods linked on the front page of the website.

Q - I use Windows settings where my Dollars and Cents are separated by comma's, not decimals, will EzCASH work?

A - Yes, EzCASH supports both styles and detects the currency automatically.

Q - The Cursor Placement says % next to the figure, what does this mean?

A - Your cursor is placed at a position made up of a percentage of the size of the table. Try X 65 and Y 75 and add or drop from there.

Q - Which Party Poker Skins does Party EzCASH work on?

A - Party EzCASH works on Party Poker, NJ, Borgata,,, World Poker Tour (WPT), Empire Poker and Gamebookers. Unfortunately Azartia Poker does not run in English.