Party Poker made easy!

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Advanced planning features -

* Table Planner for 18 tables with cycle hotkeys
* Three slot Table stacker
* One slot table stacker with 'big hand' slots

Buyin, Rebuy -

* Buyin automatically for ANY amount.
* Automatically calculate how much you need to rebuy to that amount and rebuy using a hotkey.
* Rebuy a  user defined amount of chips by pressing a hotkey.
* Mixed buyin - eg, buyin to Omaha for 50BB, $50 No limit for 100BB,  20BB tables for 40BB

 Repetitive and time consuming tasks are automated -

* Click the Timebank.
* Automatic Seat Taking -  Straight from the lobby waitlist or off the waitlist with the table already open.
* An On screen menu for all sitting in and out options
* Automatic handling of all annoying popup windows.
* Automatically press Wait for BB.
* Post your blinds.
* Sit out of your games automatically when you reach the blinds and rejoin the game after a break.
* Check auto rebuy to max on your tables automatically.
* Allow you to sit in on all of your games at the same time.

Once your game is under way you can-

* Allow Party EzCASH to move your cursor to tables that are awaiting action to a user defined position.
* Highlight the table where the cursor was moved to.
* Highlight all tables awaiting action.
* Highlight the active table without moving the cursor.

Party EzCASH is also a betting tool -

* Automatically PRESET your bets into the bet box.

* Make positional raises from the button and blinds
* Make special 3 bets including 3x an opener in position and make larger 3bets out of position.
* Adjust the size of raises from the button or cutoff.
* Allow you to program double or single right click for betting and folding (or any other key).
* Allow you to make Preflop Raises to any blind multiple and include limpers.
* Increase the size of your raises from the blinds automatically in unraised pots involving limpers.
* Make percentage Potsize raises.
* Allow you to lift or drop your bet using the mouse wheel or hotkeys.
* Program the mouse to work in small blinds, big blinds and % of pot- mouse wheel can go in reverse.
* Allow you to move all in with a hotkey.
* Autofire bets without the need to press bet or raise.
* Clear the bet box automatically.
* Give you FIVE Street Bets keys with adjustable flop, turn and river percentages.
* Allow you to make six different fixed size bets.

Party EzCASH has some great tourney and SNG features, you can-

* Display the number of players remaining with the table planner for SNG's.
* Automatically switch preflop raise size depending on the blind level.
* Preset bets also works for tourneys.
* Adjustable raising from the blinds in pots involving limpers.
* Auto buyin,  I am back and auto summaries.

There are also hotkeys to assist with playing the game-

* One key that in declining order will pre-select the check/fold advance button, or the fold advance button, or press check if it is visible or fold.

* Click 'Call big blind' in advance.
* Open the Party Hand History window.
* Press "Leave the Table'. The auto confirm leave table box can then be set to automatically confirm and close.
* Join or leave the waitlist (on the table or lobby).
* Toggle the blind posting on one or all tables.
* Your Pot Odds can be automatically calculated and displayed onto the screen as a ratio or percentage with a hotkey.
* You can close all tables with one press- great if you datamine 18 tables before your session.
And many many more.....

Party EzCASH also automatically moves windows to screen co-ordinates -

* The Lobby
* The Hand History window.
* The Notes window.
* Take a waitlist seat.
* Code verification window.
* Holdem Manager Hand History windows.
* Holdem Manager Notes windows.
* Tournament Lobby's.

The chat windows can be partially or totally hidden from the table freeing up valuable space for HUD stats.
Additionally Party EzCASH will automatically close the spam and confirmation windows that make multi - tabling difficult.

Prevent focus stealing of notes and other note features -

* Notes window (holdem manager or Party classic) moved into position
* Action of highlighting suspended while typing
* Notes template hotstring to create 'catagories' for your notes (one hotkey press)

<< Pressing 'support help pages' on the left margin will give a description of all features.