Party Poker made easy!

If you have any questions about setting up a layout you can post on 2+2 or send an email to

Within Party EzCASH there two ways you can set up your tables on the highlighting and planning TAB

Tile tables with the Table Planner
Stack tables with the Table Stacker

The stacker comes with it's own highlighter and auto cursor mover. If you tile your tables there is a few choices -

*  use the table highlighter and cursor mover.

*  use the table highlighter and move your cursor manually with a mouse.

*  play with a game pad or with your keyboard and no mouse by navigating to the urgent and second urgent tables with cycle hotkeys.

Table Activation

Table activaion refers to how a table remains in focus ( as well as how it comes to the surface if you are stacking).

Table focus is important so that you don't have to click the table before using your hotkeys.

It’s preferable to use Party EzCASH's activation options if possible , particularly when stacking as it's more reliable. Open Party Poker, go to preferences / multi-tabling and uncheck the three timeout options.

If you want to completely halt the activation at any time, use your 'Pause Party EzCASH' Hotkey - Misc Hotkeys TAB.


Table Activation -

There is a major advantage to using Party EzCASH's activation  with the stacker - when you are playing a hand in one of the 'big hand' slots using plan 1, Party EzCASH will continue to rotate the tables in the stack allowing you to fold weak hands while you make your decision on the big hand - Party won't do this as their activation can only work on the most urgent table at any one time. 

You will find the Table activation option in the 'Settings' Menu.

Making a Plan

Making your plan is pretty simple, start by opening option 2 on the highlighting and planning tab . Lay 4 Party tables out the way you want them, probably easiest to just press 'tile' on any Party table. Position the Party EzCASH Gui somewhere that you can access all 4 tables. You don't have to fill in the co-ordinates and sizes, Party EzCASH will get them- start with table one, press the Set Slot 1 button and move your cursor above table 1 within 3 seconds (give the table a click) and then wait - your numbers will appear in the boxes. Now just repeat for all 4 slots. If you are only just going to have one stack then turn off the additional features including the highlighter and cursor mover.

Plan 1 or Plan 2

The stacker offers two plans - both plans use up to 4 slots. Plan 1 has a main stack and three 'big hand slots. It is possible to just use slot 1 and have one main stack - it is also possible to use Slot 1 and Slot 4 only , this way you will have a main stack and a slot that will automatically handle your unseated tables (more info to follow about this). The end slot also doubles as a big hand slot. To do this, only set slots for Slot 1 and Slot 4.

Plan 2 has three identical stacks. Both plans use slot 4 to hold tables that you aren't seated at as well as tables with the 'I am back' button showing. Tables move automatically in and out of the slots. Set your options for table movement in the menus at the top of the stacker TAB.

The 'Big Hand' slots.

You can create three 'big hand' slots on Plan 1 and 1 Big hand slot on Plan 2. These slots are used to move interesting hands in and out of the stack with a hotkey (or automatically back into the stack at the completion of the hand). Party EzCASH will always move the table to the first available slot in order of slot1, slot2. slot3 (for plan 1) or slot 4 for plan 2. Just hover the mouse over the table and press the key to move the table in and out of the stack. By using the setting 'return big hands' the hands will go back to the stack after the hand automatically - 'mucked cards delay' will give a short break before moving the hand back to see your HUD's mucked cards.


Settings that apply to both plans

I am back tables to end slot  - Works for Cash games and SNG's. For SNG's there is a short delay before moving the table to give Party EzCASH the chance to press I am back automatically (an option in the  tourney menu) so the table isn't moved in and out of the stack when it's not necessary.
Unseated tables to end slot - Any table without hero seated moves to the end slot - including SNG's that you are eliminated from.

As mentioned previously, to have a two slot plan using plan 1, set only slot 1 and slot 4 and have both of these settings ON - you can also use Slot 4 as a big hand slot.


With plan 1 only the big hands are highlighted; this will let you know when the big hand has become the most urgent table in the queue. With plan 2 the highlighter works on all three slots on the most urgent table.  If you want the cursor to move automatically to the urgent table enable ' move cursor'  - this works for both plans.

Plan 1 - Advance action popup if no urgent 

As soon as action is completed on the urgent table, if there are no other tables awaiting action the program will popup a table with the 'advance actions' showing i.e. fold, check/fold, call BB etc. It will not continue to pop them up unless you select one of the actions (fold) etc within 3 seconds, in which case it will pop up another. The additional benifit is that if no table pops up, you know that there is no pending tables at all in the stack. The table will remain in focus for at least two and a half seconds. I recommend using athe advance fold hotkey (key #1 on action keys tab) when stacking to avoid miss-clicks as that key is not capable of pressing any of the main action buttons if a table pops up.


Playing with a mouse -

On the Highlighting TAB select 'Highlighting / Table activation'

Bring table under mouse to foreground and keep active - no table highlight

This method will not highlight the table, but the table that is directly below the cursor will immediately surface. Preset Bets etc will be directed toward this table. Use this option if you overlap your tables and like the table under mouse to popup to the top.

Actions directed to table under cursor

This option can be used in conjunction with the table planner.

Table activation is in the 'Table activation Menu' at the top of this tab - be sure to enable that if you turned off the Party options.

You can use any combination of options #1, #2 and #3. The best thing to do is experiment - perhaps open a few play money cash game tables and try all of the different options.

#1 creates a frame around the most urgent table
#2 Highlights every table that is active and the colors will change at the specified time
#3 Highlights 'advance actions tables'

Frame options

The frame can be sent to advance actions tables if there is no urgent table, the color of the frame will change to warn you that it is about to move to the next in the queue.

The cursor can automatically follow the frame around. The position that it moves to can be adjusted on the highlighting and planning TAB.

Color changing after X seconds

The highlighter will go through three color stages and flash when the table requires immediate action. The times will need to be adjusted depending on what sort of games you play (i.e. speed tables etc). If you like to use HUD statistics, you may want to use the 'bars outside table' option to give you more space.

Advance actions

Advance actions, refer to the 'check boxes' that appear on the Party Poker table allowing you to make early decisions - these are great to clear off your weak hands. If you are using the auto-cursor mover, try the advance actions on the ''Frame 1 options' TAB - otherwise, enable 'Highlight all advance tables orange'. These highlighters turn off as soon as you tick one of the options.

Playing without a mouse -

This option can be used in conjunction with the table planner.

Actions directed to urgent / framed table

To use this section it is essential that you turn off the Party activation options pictured earlier and enable Keep input table activated so that all actions will go to the framed table and that table will remain in focus.

Options -

If no table highlighted, direct to table under Mouse

If you like the option of being able to use the mouse on random tables (to look at a hand history or take a note for example) then this comes in handy.

Direct Multi-purpose street bet key to table under Mouse

The multi purpose hotkey (betting tab) can be used to give you at least one option on the other tables - that key has many features including advance fold and double click options.

Cycle to 2nd urgent hotkey

If you want to move to the next in line while making a tough decision then this key is very handy, as long as that frame remains visible your actions will go there - the frame will be destroyed by either acting on that table or using the 'return to urgent' hotkey. If you do act on the table the frame will auto return to the urgent table.