Making a  ' No Title and Border '  Plan                              

If you are looking for simple instructions on setting up the planner, you'll find those instructions by clicking here.

Tutorial difficulty 8.5/10

While this process may seem a little daunting when you start reading the instructions, the results speak for themselves - this is a great idea if you are playing with more than 6 tables, even if you have as much as a  24 inch monitor. This tutorial is to be used in conjunction with the Party EzCASH Table Planner.

I have displayed in the first picture the increase in table surface area you can expect to gain by doing this plan. The centre row / centre table displays a table with the border and sides in tact where the height of the window occupies the same vertical area as the trimmed windows. Right down the bottom of the page is a full view of a completed plan. - as you can see, there is a significant gain.

How you go about this will depend on your screen resolution and whether you have spare vertical or horizontal space - the example is based on a 9 table plan on my 24 inch monitor that has a 1920 x 1200 resolution - you will need to follow the example and then adapt it to whatever screen you play on.

As you can see in the picture, I have the Windows Taskbar set vertically when I play Poker, for the most part you would do this if it is vertical space you are trying to gain or if you have a very small monitor -  in fact, you only really stand to gain significantly by adopting this plan if it is extra vertical space that you are looking for as is the case in the picture - for example, when I six table, I have ample room spare at the bottom of my screen and would stand to gain little by doing this in that instance, but for 9 tabling, I always use this plan as it gives me a vastly better view of the tables.

To move the Windows Taskbar, you just right click it and untick 'Lock the taskbar' and then drag it into position - I leave it unlocked during my session and put it back when I finish.

To get started, follow these 5 steps -

1 - Turn OFF 'No Title and Border' in the table planner
2 - Start by moving the taskbar into position.
3 - Open the amount of tables that you are going to have in your plan.
4 - Press the Tile button on the title bar of any Party table - if you don't know where that is, it's circled in red on the centre table above.
5 - Press the 'Set Slot 1' button and move the cursor above the window that is in the TOP LEFT corner within three seconds.


We now have a set of coordinates to work with and we can begin to calculate our plan. We will be gaining 32 pixels in height and 4 pixels in width when we strip the title and border - the main modification to the figures we currently have will come from the  new width of the table - we need to work out how much wider the table will become when we increase it's height by 32 pixels.


How do we find that out? For this, we will need to use a tool that we can get information about a window from such as the Autohotkey Window Spy - another option is WinSpy++ which is free online if you don't have any AutoHotkey scripts.

Start any autohotkey script and go to the tray        icon in theWindows taskbar tray, right click on it and select 'window spy', a small window will open. Alternatively, if you are using WinSpy++ there is a little 'Finder Tool' that you darg above the table you want information from.

Look at the 'Height' figure in your Party EzCASH GUI (that you can see in the red area in the picture above as 399) - add 32 to that amount (in this case we now have 431). Now we need to make a Party table 431 pixels high by resizing it (place your cursor at the side edge of any table and the re-size cursor will appear) - we check it's width by holding the cursor above the window and looking in the window spy where I have circled the width and height below.  We can now see that if a Party window is 431 pixels high (on the Modern Party Layout) it will be 600 pixels


                    We can now manually type in the adjusted figures as our width and height into Party EzCASH


Now to make our plan - even though the window is 600 wide and 431 high, we won't be spacing the windows that far apart, but rather we will space them after having deducted the size of the title bar and border.

We can deduct 30 pixels in vertical height for the title bar, 2 pixels for the bottom of the border and 2 pixels for each side of the border . We will assume for the math that your window is positioned at the top left corner of your screen i.e. x 0 and y 0.

The X figure (that was 0) will become -2 and the Y (that was 0) will be -30. Those coordinates will place our window that has been stripped of it's title and border at X 0 and Y 0. Once you understand this concept, the rest is fairly simple to calculate. Type those numbers into the x ( -2) and y ( -30) area for slot 1.

The width of our window is 600  and our first window was placed at -2, so with the border on, it would come out to X 598 pixels. The border is off the right edge of the first window as well so we gain  2 to make it 596 and we are also taking off another two for stripping the left side border off window #2 so the x position of slot 2 is 594 - the y once again is -30. We can repeat the same procedure for slot 3 and our x figure is 1194.

You can now enter into the GUI the same X coordinates for row 2 and 3 that you have for row 1.

Now to the Y coordinates for row 2 and 3. Our window is 431 high in total, and we gain 30 from removing the titlebar, plus the 2 pixels from stripping the bottom border off the windows in row 1 - we started the first window at -30 so we add the height onto -30 and that gives us  401, the we subtract the 2 from the bottom border of row 1 and another 30 for the second rows window title - so the row 2 y coordinate is 369

We just need to repeat that for row 3 and we get a Y coordinate of 768.

You should get a pretty accurate plan straight away but it can be tweaked - I have a fairly wide screen so I can afford to space the tables about 10 pixels extra apart - I tend to get every last pixel I can get vertically, if you find there is a slight gap, just increase the width and height of the window by a couple of pixels and examine the effect that has when you restart Party EzCASH

                                             The finished plan !!

click here for a larger view.