Party Poker made easy!

Taking notes can be difficult when playing a lot of tables, you can deal with this in two ways -

Pause Hotkey

Party EzCASH can be Paused at any time from any position on the screen with the Pause Hotkey. This key will only work within Party EzCASH so use a key such as F10 that you don't normally use, or perhaps a combination like Shift + P.

Notes TAB

Start by setting the positions for the windows to move to. Open a Party Note or Holdem Manager note and put it where you want the window located and press submit on the GUI - your co-ordinates will appear. Set the height and width by typing the numbers in manually until you are satisfied with the size of the window. You can now check the box to turn the control on.

Suspend action - Stops Party EzCASH from stealing focus if you use it to activate your tables with the stacker or highlighter. Party EzCASH continues to keep track of the attention queue while the action is suspended, this is vital when you are away from the action typing so that you can get straight back to the most urgent table.

Toggle cursor - Moves the cursor to the note window when you open it and back to the table when you close it.

Hotstring template

Creates a string of 'categories' in your notes window  to organize your notes for quick reading.

Hold the key above the note window and press the hotkey.