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6-4-A56 Released 23/02/2017                                    Download
* Party update

6-4-A52 Released 03/11/2016                                    Download
* Rematch pop-up closure

6-4-A45 Released 02/03/2016                                    Download
* Party Premium added for button raises etc

6-4-A44 Released 02/02/2016                                    Download
* Close error popup
* Fast forward second table not being recognized under certain conditions

6-4-A43 Released 02/06/2015                                    Download
* Close 'congratulations' SNG popup
* Close 'we are currently unable to take' popup
* Fast Fold key added for Fast Forward - Action Hotkeys TAB

6-4-A38 Released 22/02/2015                                   Download
* Fixed problem with on screen menu

A37 Released 15/01/2015                                   Download
* Planner: option for waitlist/unseated slot tables to be dragged out

6-4-A35 Released 07/01/2015                                   Download
* RButton problem when playing multiple FF tables

6-4-A34 Released 12/12/2014                                    Download
* Removed redundant posting functions from Party update
* Changed the way 'Deal me in/out' keys and Sit out at big blind' keys work. 

6-4-A33 Released 01/12/2014                                    Download
* Additional functions on action hotkeys issue

6-4-A31 Released 19/11/2014                                   Download
* PartyNJ
* Button raise problem from V30

6-4-A28 Released 25/07/2014                                   Download
* Minraise hotkey problem

6-4-A27 Released 09/07/2014                                   Download
* Multi preflop hotkey in misc hotkeys section

6-4-A26 Released 02/06/2014                                   Download
* Party update 22/05/2014 for Fast Forward tables
* added 'Call toggle big hand' and 'Raise toggle big hand' keys to stacker
* fixed complete buy-in for SNG and tourney
* added 'move opener' option
* HEM hand viewer issue

6-4-A19 Released 09/05/2014                                   Download
* Party update 07/05/2014
* Fixed betting functions, wait for big blind, modern layout
* Fixed various hotkeys

6-4-A16 Released 15/01/2014                                  
* SNG player count bug
* Bug where SNG bets were using standard preset bets % postflop

6-4-A11 Released 16/12/2013                                  
* Added Borgata Poker

6-4-A9  Released 05/10/2013                                  
* Minimized windows not coming to top with highlighter on some operating systems
* Option to disable replayer and Hand# controls on table

6-4-A6  Released 22/09/2013                                  
* Auto Add-on
* Auto close SNG problem due to 'Table #' being added to SNG titles
* SNG # players display issue

6-4-A4  Released 06/09/2013                                  
* Party update

A1  Released 13/07/2013                                  

As well as including fixes from the recent Party update, this update also contains features from the Beta version that has been tested throughout this year. It will require your attention/settings if -

you use the plan 2 stacker or,
you use 'actions directed to focused table' in the highlighting planning TAB.

Refer to the help in each section for instructions. If you have problems, send me an email or post on 2+2.

Plan 2 can be used in the same way as before but now has additional slots, some new hotkeys, plus each stack will bring the most urgent table to the top in that stack

'actions directed to focused table'  has some new features making it easier to browse other windows while playing poker as well as some extra cycling options.

41  Released 12/07/2013                                    
* Party update

6-3-40  Released 13/04/2013                                    
* PT4 notes not moving

6-3-37  Released 23/02/2013                                    
* Misc hotkeys TAB - close all tables no hero

6-3-36  Released 19/01/2013                                    
* Stacker - starting SNG's move to stack sooner
* Stacker - speeding up of end SNG popups closing
* Stacker - opening SNG burying urgent if urgent is in slot 4

6-3-30  Released 14/01/2013                                    
* HEM2 patch window title change causing HH etc not to move

6-3-27  Released 05/01/2013                                    
* Auto buyin deal me out bug

6-3-21  Released 30/12/2012                                    
* Stacker - table activation tweak

6-3-20  Released 29/12/2012                                    
* Buy-in - fixed auto take seat / deal me out problem

6-3-17  Released 22/12/2012                                    
* Planner - plan switching bug
* Take seat hotkey issue - hotkey stops pressing take the seat.

6-3-13  Released 20/12/2012                                    
* Stacker - Big hand slot not clearing if table closed when in big hand slot

6-3-12  Released 20/12/2012                                    
* added bwin

6-3-11  Released 19/12/2012                                    
* Stacker - Big hand slot not clearing if table closed when in big hand slot
* Stacker  - mucked card delay sometimes not being recognized
* Take waitlist seat and deal me out sometimes missing UTG tables

6-3-9  Released 18/12/2012                                       
* Preset Bets - problem introduced from version 6-3 where if you change the preset bet sometimes the bet box auto went back to the Preset Bet amount

6-3-8  Released 16/12/2012                                       
* Modern layout (cash games) hide chat delayed until after blinds posted to stop box re-opening
* Modern layout (sng) hide chat problem introduced by 6-3-7

6-3-6  Released 12/12/2012                                       
* Fixed hide chat problem modern layout.
* Tourney issue when seats are switched.

6-3-3   Released 04/12/2012                                     
* Added 'switch to posting tab' after being dealt in - modern layout
* Consolidated / streamlined many of the buyin options that were requested over the years into a more flowing system. On the buyin tab a new 'waitlist options' category handles the various ways of taking seats - when using auto waitlist mode tables do NOT need to be open.
* Removed 'play until blinds' and 'auto seat taking' as these are now redundant.

Rebuy to original buyin -

* Added fold, then rebuy option
* Added rebuy, then press 'I am back'

*Modern layout rebuy cashier handling - instant close or delayed. Delayed is more suited to stacking and the cashier will close the next time the window appears - otherwise you may get some flicking as Party forces the window back to the top of the stack until the cashier fully closes. Instant mode closes the cashier after a couple of seconds to allow the rebuy to finish. The reason that it's important for the cashier to close is that it forces a refresh of the cashier.

6-2-38  Released 04/12/2012                                      
* Fixed 'Force table to foreground' issue.

6-2-36  Released 25/11/2012                                      
* Hide chat problem for modern sit'n'gos's

6-2-35  Released 24/11/2012
* Fixed problem with 'seat taking' hotkeys.

6-2-34  Released 23/11/2012                                      
* Party update

6-2-33  Released 18/11/2012
* Stacker - Fixed a problem plan 1 'advanced action popup'  - also improved that
feature so that if you check a box on the table that pops up within 2.5 seconds and
there is no  urgent table it will search for another table to pop up.

6-2-32  Released 17/11/2012                                      
* Stacker - Fixed slot 4 top to bottom/bottom to top keys

6-2-31  Released 09/11/2012                                      
* HH Height & Width option for PT4

6-2-29  Released 30/10/2012                                      
* Take seat and DMO reliability improvement

6-2-26  Released 24/10/2012                                      
* Stacker - FF tables moving to slot 4 at wrong time

6-2-25  Released 08/10/2012                                      
* Tournament password window was being auto-closed

6-2-24  Released 07/10/2012                                      
* Fast forward bet box scroll problem 

6-2-23  Released 05/10/2012                                      
* Made fast forward fold optional on Fold Action Key
* Workaround for Party fault where auto post doesn't show when moved in a tourney
* GUI flicking in top left corner of SNG table and on taskbar

6-2-21  Released 11/09/2012                                      
* HU tables not being recognized - preset bets.

6-2-20  Released 07/09/2012                                      
* Party update - fixed auto-exit table.

6-2-19  Released 16/08/2012                                      
* SNG Auto Buyin - Auto take my seat.

6-2-18  Released 16/08/2012                                      
* SNG Auto Buyin - Maximum Stake Protection - adapted to work with
  Party's 'auto-buy-in to SNG's lobby setting.

6-2-17  Released 14/08/2012
* SNG Auto Buyin - Maximum Stake Protection - tourney menu. Made it so that this
can be used with or without 'auto complete buy-in'.

6-2-16  Released 13/08/2012                                      
* Fast Forward - Seperate PFR amount for Preset Bets
* SNG Auto Buyin - Maximum Stake Protection - tourney menu

- Advise using "Maximum Stake Protection"  particularly with Auto SNG opener.
Prevents you from buying in to SNG's with a higher buyin than you selected in the
menu without confirming the buyin.

6-2-15  Released 12/08/2012
* Fast Forward - #3 fold key - double click option 'Watch on fold' & 'Next Hand'
* Fast Forward - Action Fold key now does Fast Forward Fold
* Fast Forward - Stacker fixed
* Fast Forward - Sit out next blind, Deal Me In etc fixed

6-2-14  Released 11/08/2012                                      
* Basic support for Fast Forward - preset bets and hotkeys

6-2-13  Released 26/07/2012                                      
* Waitlist hotkeys work from anywhere on desktop if 'Seat Available' window present
* Stacker - Toggle big hand key occasionally moving non-party windows

6-2-11  Released 13/06/2012
* Stacker - work on top to bottom and bottom to top keys

6-2-10  Released 06/06/2012                                      
* Stacker - when no tables active, table  menus hard to use

6-2-9  Released 06/06/2012
* Behavior menu - Always on top option for Party Hand Replayer

6-2-8  Released 05/06/2012
* Fixed SB three bet issue when SB's added to 3 bets was set to 0
* Stacker- 'top to bottom' key scrolls better with non poker windows

6-2-5  Released 31/05/2012                                         
* Note window issue if user not using 'suspend action'

6-2-4  Released 30/05/2012                                         
* Betting box blank under certain conditions - preset bets

6-2-3  Released 24/05/2012                                         
* Focus steal notes colour coding

6-2-1  Released 17/05/2012                                         
* Party update fixes - mainly to 'seat available' hotkeys

This patch is also a new release and has been Beta tested by a few users for some
time.  General code improvements to increase speed and reliability.

6-140  Released 25/04/2012                                         
* Fixed problem with auto-close sng's

6-139  Released 17/04/2012
* Advanced 3 bet options now work for full ring
* One more bracket added for advanced 3 bet options

6-138  Released 17/04/2012                                         
* Table Planner - waitlist slot / slot switching problem fixed

6-136  Released 11/04/2012                                         
* 3 Bet options now configurable by size of villain's PFR
* Modern chat - you can auto switch to the chat tab when table opens (Party menu)

6-135  Released 04/04/2012                                         
* Larger GUI to suit Windows 125% text size
* Cutoff raise missing occasionally   

6-134  Released 22/03/2012                                         
* Accidently left a message box in 133
* Some coding for bet box 

6-133  Released 21/03/2012                                         
* PL games preflop issues
* Added 'tourney scroll' to mouse section
* Fix for preset bet issue
* Fix for positional 3 bet raise issue

6-129  Released 17/03/2012                                         
* Fixed HEM2 functions
* PT4 added
* Sit me out if 6 max table goes HU (behavior menu)
* Fix for preset bet overbet issue

6-121  Released 08/03/2012                                         
* Fixed HEM2 functions

 6-120  Released 05/03/2012                                         
* Fixed issue with pot size raise and percentage bets hotkeys.
  For the Modern Layout, make sure the 'extended action buttons' are turned on, those
  are in the Party Lobby/Preferences/Table Options/General Options.

6-117  Released 01/03/2012                                         
* Hotkey issue Classic Layout when only playing cash games

6-115  Released 26/02/2012                                         
* Fixed hotkey /preset bets issue Modern Layout

6-114  Released 25/02/2012                                         
* Move HEM2 HH window fixed

6-113  Released 25/02/2012                                         
* Close all tables improvement for reliability
* Fixed hotkey problem when chat box closed Modern Layout

6-111  Released 17/02/2012                                         
* Modern Layout -   Made the posting hotkey/menu items toggle the chat window
                                open before  pressing 'auto-post' etc in an attempt to improve
                                reliability.  Window will close if you had it closed...

* Pot Limit games - preflop from blinds bets 'pot' -  uses the table 'Pot' button for
                               the  modern  layout   (extended action buttons must be on in
                               Party Preferences).
                               Sets slider to 'Pot' for classic layout to avoid box issues.
* Added 'close all tables' to on screen menu
* (x) x SB option for scroll wheel
* Mouseless poker highlighter reduced to only one frame

* Auto add-on (tourney menu)
* Rebuy beep
* Rebuy and add-on alarm auto switches to rebuy/add-on TAB

6-100  Released 29/01/2012                                         
* Classic layout hotkeys issue

6-99  Released 27/01/2012                                            
* Alterations for comma currency
* Mouse key was not going backwards once all-in was reached
* Mouse wheel can't go lower than min bet
* Min raise key no longer requires preset bets to be on
* Changed the way Ez labels bet buttons to same as Party (Bet or Raise To)

6-98  Released 27/01/2012                                            
* Party Denmark classic layout adjustments

6-97  Released 24/01/2012                                            
* Sit out next big blind key adjustment

6-95  Released 22/01/2012                                            
* Stacker - Toggle cursor through stacks key fixed
* Sit out next big blind key adjustment

6-93  Released 20/01/2012                                            
* Stacker - Return to urgent hotkey, allows you to play with no activation
* Mouseless - cycle left, cycle right hotkeys
* Deal me in ALL hotkey fixed
* Advance check/check multi funtion key added
* Added optional check to multi-function keys #1 and #3

6-92  Released 19/01/2012                                            
* Added Party Denmark

6-91  Released 08/01/2012                                        
* Modern Layout All-in can now work off the table all-in button. You need to turn
on extended action buttons in the lobby (illustration below).

It will still work if you don't use the extended action buttons but it's preferable that
you do for reliability.