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SNG Opener

2-B-14 Released 16/07/2017                       Download
* Regional decimal problem fixed
* Noted in help that 'prize pool' lobby column must he hidden
2-B-13 Released 01/07/2015                       Download
* You have registered for this SNG window appearing too much

2-B-9 Released 02/06/2014                         Download
* Party update
* count max number opened issue
* option to exculde 5 handed games

2-B-5 Released 12/02/2014                        
* Max stake protect buy-in's changed to new levels

2-B-4 Released 13/11/2013                        
* popup - insufficient funds to register
* popup - registrations closed for this sng
* popup -already registered for the maximum 

2-B-2 Released 21/09/2013                        
* Party Update