Party Poker made easy!

This page is designed to help you with your default settings - note that there is other help pages, you can click 'support / help pages' on the left margin at any time to see what pages are available.

Before we get started, you'll need Party Poker (or skin) running in English - your local Windows settings can be your personal preference.

Running Party EzCASH as an administrator

Hotkeys bind your mouse, keyboard or gamepad to Party EzCASH. Windows (and most anti-virus) is programmed to be suspicious of programs that can use the keyboard without direct pressing of the key by the user (e.g. via a hotkey)  - so by giving this program admin rights you are telling Windows that you know that this program can control the keyboard via hotkey presses and you are OK with that.

For Vista or Win7, turn off UAC (user access control) in the control panel/user accounts area.
Go to the Party EzCASH folder (default location c\Program Files)
Right click the PartEzCASH.exe icon and choose 'Properties'.
Go to the Compatibility Tab and select 'Run this program as an administrator'.
Repeat for EZCASHPlanner.exe

Chat and Extended Action Butons

From inside the Party Software, you'll need to set the chat to Dealer Actions(with chat) so that vital betting information can be read.

Turn ON the extended action buttons. .

Setting Hotkeys

Each key on your keyboard, mouse, x-box or Joystick has a 'code name' - for example, right click on your mouse is called RButton. Party EzCASH uses the more complex method of manually typing the codes into the GUI rather than just pushing the key to record the setting - the reason for this is that this method allows hotkeys to be set on your mouse or joystick without needing to use an external program such as XPadder.

You can use a single key or join two keys together. Keys such as shift have an abbreviation -

+   is Shift
^   is Control
!    is Alt
#   is the Windows logo key

For example, a hotkey where you hold down shift and press N would look like this in Party EzCASH -


Joining two keys together that don't have an abbreviation is done with & as in this example -

N & M

The keys on your numberpad use the name 'Numpad' e.g. -


After typing in the code, push the button to save the setting.

Restarting the program will tell you if you are doing it properly - if you are, the key name will have been saved.
You can get the full list of key names on the Autohotkey Website or on the help TAB inside Party EzCASH. The  Autohotkey website also has a page explaing how to modify your key combinations.

Checking and Folding

Most people like to use the #3 Multi-function key that you'll find by going to the Betting TAB and opening 'Action Keys'. This key will work out the best option for you from the tasks that you will see pictured below. The right click button is great for this purpose - the code for right click that you enter into the Hotkey area is RButton. Note that if you have Mouse Software for a gaming mouse (like a Logitech MX Revolution or a Microsoft Intellimouse) you might need to set that up for mouse hotkeys.

Buying In

If you use the Party auto buyin option, their software automatically chooses your seat, so you'll probably want to buyin with Party EzCASH.

Choosing your seat -

There are several ways you can take your seat. The one that needs to be used with caution is 'Take seat if one open, if more I'll choose'. This one is great if you never leave your computer while playing, if the table has only one seat Party EzCASH will sit you in. But let's say you have a table open with two seats vacant and you leave your PC, if one of the seats gets taken, there is now only one seat vacant and Party EzCASH will take that seat.

The other options are self explanatory....

Full or Mixed Buyin -

* Do you play with a full stack
* Do you play more than one game.

If you play one game with a full stack, use the full buyin option.

Many people are playing more than one game at the same time these days, for that you need to use the mixed buyin. It's OK to set Party EzCASH to buy in with any combination and only use  Auto-rebuy to max on some of the tables.

The 'rebuy to original buyin' hotkey will top you stack up to what you bought in for. You can also buy a fixed amount of chips with hotkeys. If you like to top up your stack very frequently, you may find that a key set to 5BB or similar may work better as sometimes the Party cashier is slow to update the rebuy window amount - but for most players it should work just fine.

Note that the rebuy keys on the Modern Layout will open the chat window with the first press of the key if it's not open, you then press it again to rebuy (the window can auto hide again by selecting that option in the 'Rebuy Hotkeys' section which you reach from the buyin TAB).

Positional raising

Party EzCASH can make different size Preset Bets from the button and cutoff using the Hand History information that Party stores on your hard drive. Detailed information is on the betting page, but for the purposes of setting up, make sure you set the location of your PartyGaming folder inside Party EzCASH on the Betting TAB/Button, cutoff raises and 3 bets/ Set directory path. Make sure you select 'Enable advanced raising options' on the Button, cutoff raises and 3 bets TAB as well.

Table Activation

I will point out here that if you plan to use the highlighter or table stacker in Party EzCASH, it is best that you 'activate' the tables with Party EzCASH. By activate, I mean that you should let Party EzCASH choose which is the table that needs to be acted on most urgently (instead of letting Party do it). Be on the lookout for  'table activation'  or 'keep table focussed' inside the GUI for whichever option you choose. Party's options can be found in the Lobby / Preferences / multi-tabling / timeout settings and should be off once you enable Party EzCASH to highlight/stack.

You should however not turn off the Party timeout settings until such time as you are ready to turn on the activation features of Party EzCASH .


Note that Party has some of the settings that you'll find for buying in and posting as options in the Lobby / Preferences section. Where possible, you are best to use those settings if you only ever play one style of game - i.e. SNG's or Cash games or Tournaments. But if you like to play a variety of games then using Party EzCASH is a lot simpler than altering your lobby over and over.

Blind Posting - enable / disable depending on if you want your blinds automatically posted.
Force SB  - If you press 'sit out next big blind' and turn off auto - post blind, if you happen to have just posted a big blind on some of your tables you will be asked to post the small blind manually, this control will always post your small blind for you.

Hiding the chat

The Modern Chat hides the chat when you sit in - you can later toggle this with any of the chat toggle keys on the 'Hotkeys' TAB - as mentioned previously,  the rebuy keys on the Modern Layout will open the chat window with the first press of the key if it's not open, you then press it again to rebuy (the window can auto hide again by selecting that option in the 'Rebuy Hotkeys' section which you reach from the buyin TAB). The classic chat can hide everything or just the two smaller boxes where you type chat in. The 'Toggle all chat boxes' hotkey can hide and show the main chat area at any time - If you like to never chat but sometimes read the chat on the Classic Layout, set to 'Hide all chat' and then use the 'Toggle all chat boxes' hotkey to hide and show the chat area.

Party Settings -

Auto-exit table -  bypasses the confirmation window and closes the table if you aren't playing a hand.
Hide Popup windows - closes all of the windows that open with warnings and messages.

It's free to check
- answers no when you accidentally try to fold an active hand

Hide Lobby Banner Add - hides the big advertisement down the bottom of the lobby
Hide Lobby Jackpot wheel - hides the wheel in the lobby
Hide the cashier - hides the cashier bar at the top of the lobby
Short Lobby - Completely removes the bottom section of the lobby where the advertisements are.
Wide Lobby - Presses the button that widens the table list in the lobby when you log in.

Here's a shot of the lobby using hide the cashier, wide lobby, short lobby & hide casino games.

Pot Odds

The Pot Odds can be expressed as odds or as a percentage and is used for calling situations (ie, when call is written on the middle button on the table). You can have an automatic display or only use the hotkey when you want to know the odds. The automatic display has no impact on program performance. The figure is displayed on the table at the co-ordinates that you program into Party EzCASH . These numbers are a PERCENTAGE of the table width and height.

The equity percentage works as follows-

1part = Amount to call
2Part = Pot

(1Part / ( 1Part + 2Part)) * 100

A bet timer display can also be shown with the same control - the amount displayed is calculated from when it first became your turn to act - for example, if you move to a table with your cursor and the fold button has been visible for 5 seconds, the count starts at 5. This allows you to make your moves at approximately the same time to avoid timing tells.

Moving Windows

Holdem manager hand histories, notes and table manager
Party notes
Tournament lobbies
Take waitlist seat
Party EzCASH
Hand replayer
Code verification window

Automatically moving your windows into position is a simple process - the first time you do this you'll need to position the window where you always want it moved to. Untick the box next to the name of the window we are setting up, then hold the cursor over the window and press submit. Then tick the box - that's it!!.  The Party notes and Holdem manager notes are on the separate 'notes' TAB in the GUI - these windows have extra functionality to make typing into the box simpler without having the focus stolen - follow the same procedure to setup the window movement.

Moving Tourney Lobbies -

All tournament lobbies will be 'stacked' on top of each other at the co-ordintes that you submit. You can scroll through the stack by pressing the Hotkey until the Lobby that you are looking for comes to the surface. The hotkey is located alongside where you submit the co-ordinates. Enter your key choice and press 'submit key'.

There is a help page with more information about handling notes windows here.

Bet Rounding

The rounding section can be accessed from the 'Betting' TAB. The GUI has a default set for Bet Rounding and will suit most people with the exception of micro stakes (.01/.02 and .02/.04)- you are best to set the rounding to the nearest small blind in those games. For .05/10, you might want to start the rounding when greater than $1. The relevant sections are all above the red line in the picture below.